Monday, September 30, 2013


Just when I was rejoicing about the simple solutions I have discovered, I'm facing a new problem: a bug Microsoft did not fix since 2003 (or probably earlier than that) with Multipage control, which shows wrong Page content.

The Multipage's Tab and all other Controls on the Userform are referring to the Page I wanted, say PageMe but the content dispayed in the Multipage is from another page, say PageYou. This happens after a Multipage_Change event procedure which tell the Multipage to return to PageMe if user changes to PageYou but the condition in a TextBox, say TextMsg on PageMe is still not met.

Say PageMe index is 0 and PageYou index is 1, and the Multipage name is MultipageUs, the simple code is something like this:

Private Sub MultipageUs_Change()
     If TextMsg = "#" Then MultipageUs.Value = 0
End Sub

Since I cannot disclose much information about my actual project here, the problem is basically similar to the ones found in the following links:

I've tried the workarounds suggested using Application.OnTime, the Value = Value - 1 etc, but still the problem persist.

My only option here is to disable something that I really do not want to disable.

Although I'm not sure if there if there is anyone who read my post, I'm going to take my chances: Do you have any other possible solution or a workaround? If you have, please tell me and I will treat you with Sate Jalee if you ever come to Kerteh.


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